The 3dfx Box Page

Why? Because someone mentioned it and boxes are cool. Click on image, larger version (some with contents) opens in new window.

Voodoo Graphics

Orchid Righteous 3D (UK)Diamond MonsterCanopus Pure3d retail

Colormaster Voodoomania (Germany)Village Tronic 8 MB MacMagicNew Pure3D LX! Dated early 1998!

Guillemot Maxi Gamer (UK)Miro HighScore from GermanyTechworks Power3d retail

Techworks Power3d earlyQuantum3D Obsidian series box, this one is sealed!ColorMax Voodoo Graphics

Modular Obsidian GE New! Best Data Arcade FX Powercolor Voodoo Graphics NEW!

Voodoo Rush

Hercules Stingray 128/3d "sandwich" boardJazz Multimedia Adenaline Rush 3DIntergraph Intense 3D

Helios Voodoo Rush from France

Voodoo 2

Quantum3d Obsidian2 S-12 PCI (AGP box the same)Obsidian2 X-16 (new sealed)Quantum3d Obsidian2 X-24 retail

Creative Labs Voodoo 2 Blaster 8 MBMetabyte Wicked3DCreative Labs Voodoo 2 Blaster 12 MB

Canopus Pure3D II LXDiamond Monster II 8 MB with Star Wars game pack, still Diamond factory sealed!Canopus Pure3D II with TV out and fan

STB Blackmagic3DDiamond Monster II 12 MBOrchid Righteous II from Germany

Powercolor Evil King 2 (Canada)Miro HiScore 12 MB (Germany)Techworks Power3D2 for PC platform

APAC Voodoo 2G-Links 8 MB Voodoo II for I-Mac (UK)Skywell Magic3d II (UK)

IMC Game Wizard for MacColormaster Voodoomania II (Germany)3dfx Voodoo 2 1000

EONtronics Virtual2 Voodoo 2 Aisha Voodoo II from UKGateway/STB Blackmagic OEM

Innovision Mighty 3D IIHercules Stingray 2 SLI combo pack (VERY RARE)Guillemot Maxi Gamer 2

"2 the Max" Gainward card (UK) Procomp Voodoo II from Germany


Metabyte Wicked3D VengeanceInnovision Mighty Banshee (NEW UK)Guillemot Maxi Gamer Phoenix (UK)

Trust Voodoo Dragon (NEW UK) Magic TwinPower in boxPace3d Edge (UK)ELSA Victory II (Germany)

Gainward Dragon 4000- later Gainward video sales used this same box with a different decal! (NEW) 2 the MAX Banshee from UKDiamond Fusion US Box

Diamond Fusion Euro 'Mech version! (purchased from the UK)Quantum3D Raven PCI! (AGP box the same)Creative Labs Blaster Banshee (NEW)

Gigabyte Banshee GA-630

Voodoo 3

Velocity 1002000 AGP2000 PCI

3000 AGP3000 PCI3500 AGP (NEW)

Powercolor EvilKing 3 Pro TV 166mhz Pre-production promo boxed V3-2000!SuperTek V3000-16 (2001 date!)

Mini-Box from China! Mini-Box from Japan! New & rare Cornerstone branded Voodoo 3-3000 PCI

New V3-3500SI (166mhz clock)


5500 PCI5500 PCI-DVI MAC5500 AGP

4500 AGP4500 PCI-DVI MAC4500 PCI

4500 MAC PCI from EuropePowercolor V4-4500 with TV out!5500 PCI MAC (Europe)

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