A 3dfx collectors frequently asked question page.

Notice- I don't claim to know everything or be an authority about 3dfx or Quantum3D boards but I do strive for 100% accuracy. If you find something that you think is incorrect please contact me and I'll look into it.


1) I don't see <insert 3dfx card here> on your site, would you like an image to post?

No- Either I have not obtained <insert 3dfx card here> yet or simply have not shown it- All cards shown or listed on this site I have owned unless stated otherwise and the purpose of this site is just to share a bit of my collection with others.

2) Why do you collect?

Just something I always wanted to do, always been fond of 3dfx products since my first PC was purchased around 1995. You would have to have been around then and in the field to understand the impact of 3dfx on the PC market.

3) Will your collection be worth money someday?

Not something I give much thought to but I don't think people from Wall Street will be rushing into the market to snap up 3dfx cards as an investment.

4) How much do you have invested?

Not as much as you think, a large number of the common cards were given to me outright for free, others were obtained from Ebay for as little as $1 plus shipping. Some rare cards can go for mad money but then again two or more people have to want it badly for the price to get high during an auction. The most I have ever seen a single rare card go for was $1100 for a Quantum3d VSA-100 8 way Alchemy board (A VERY RARE CARD INDEED) and I have seen a complete collection with several rare and prototype cards go for $2600. 

5) I have "insert 3dfx card here" are you interested in buying it?

Depends on the card of course- currently I have 100+ unique 3dfx and Quantum3d cards so I do have most of them. Mostly I'm looking for odd boxed cards now or Quantum3d boards. My goal was to try and obtain one version of a card from each card vendor. Ironically the early cards are hardest as 3dfx just sold the chipsets to everyone and everyone and their brother churned the cards out. When 3dfx purchased STB and started making their own boards it narrowed down how many cards were made quiet a bit!

6) Do you own all these cards?

I did at one point but have paired back to just the most rare now, still have a few hundred items!

7) Mind if I use some of your images?

Under three conditions- Not used for auctions or sales, the "thedodgegarage.com" logo stays in the picture and no direct linking to the image, host on your server please. People who direct link I like to surprise by changing the image to something a might spicier when I find out (and I do find out via server stats tracking). It can pretty embarrassing to the linker if it's a post on a web board that can't be edited. 

8) Can you identify a 3dfx card for me?

This page is the most comprehensive on the net as far as 3dfx card identification.

9) Can you help me find drivers for my 3dfx card?

See this page.

10) Can you help me with a problem getting my 3dfx card to work?

See this forum, I do enough tech support keeping Turbo Dodges running. Please be polite when requesting help on the forum, this is a hobby not paid tech support service.

11) Can you show me how to make a SLI cable for my Voodoo II? I lost mine and can't find one for sale anywhere.

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