Links to other 3dfx sites around the world

The best archive for 3dfx software and documents.

NuAngel back online!

Great site for picture and other 3dfx related stuff.

Excellent site with many pictures located in the Czech Republic

Another excellent 3dfx site and forum, this one in Germany

Ex-3dfx website and forum (Ireland driver group)

One of the best 3dfx sites and forums, in Italy

Interesting 3dfx info site- Rashly Productions

Oscars impressive collection (Spain)

Another old 3dfx forum in a new location.

Excellent 3dfx BIOS website that has been around forever!

Skippy's voodoo! (Netherlands)

Zboss' collection (France)

Some Banshee cards located in Italy

Not just 3dfx- Excellent picture archive in Asia of old hardware

3dfx and other hardware collection in Russia

German website dedicated to 3dfx.

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Mostly there will be links to collector sites here but I may throw in a few information links for good measure. Have a link to a 3dfx collection on the web? Send it in.

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