3dfx boards for Macintosh.

Mac video card makers embraced the 3dfx chipset with a vengeance when they were released. Most of the early cards (Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo II) were identical to their PC counterparts with adapters being provided to hook up the Mac monitors. A few companies like VillageTronic stepped up to the plate with "Mac only" designs with unique features like extra ram but it was tough going as the PC parts were cheaper and all that was needed to run them was an adapter and drivers. 

3dfx provided drivers and unique bios' so that the Voodoo 3 line of PC cards could be re-flashed and used in Mac applications and VillageTronic was also active making unique Banshee and V3 based cards. The last cards sold for the Mac market were the V4-4500 PCI-DVI and V5-5500 PCI-DVI.

V4-4500 32 MB MAC- PCI board with unique bios & DVI connector (never sold or marketed for PC use)

V5-5500 64 MB MAC- PCI board with spec's as PC version but with unique Digital Video Interface connector & bios.

VillageTronic MP860- Voodoo 3 based PCI card with 5.5 ns ram!

VillageTronic 8 MB MP750- Banshee based PCI card.

VillageTronic MacMagic- Voodoo Graphics 8 meg board.

The utterly unique Villagetronic MP540 3D Overdrive.

Techworks 4 MB Power3d- Voodoo Graphics PC "reference" board that was sold to Mac market with Mac drivers and adapter cable or in some cases, just adapters and PC spec cable.

Game Wizard Voodoo II

Villagetronics 8 meg Voodoo Graphics with unique Mac design and video connector.

Techworks Voodoo Graphics (PC design with adapters for Mac use)

Techworks Voodoo Graphics (PC design with adapters for Mac use)

Unique G-Link 8 meg Voodoo II board for certain I-Mac revisions.

V5-5500 PCI in action, the upper connector is the Digital Video Interface (flat panel) 

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