Quantum3D AAlchemy 4116

Noted as an option for certain Heavy Metal GX+ and AAlchemy systems back in 1999/2000 the Quad Voodoo 3 boards from Quantum3D never saw retail sale due to difficulties in implementation and the arrival of the VSA-100 chips which were native SLI parts with 32 bit color

Shown below is only one of two known boards "in public hands." This board is an earlier prototype piece with black PCB and ring terminals for power supply. The later board seen has an actual 4116 power board PCB with dedicated connectors and power supply.

I'm assuming that the board is like the Mercury systems- Fast as only a single Voodoo 3 chip but rendering Full Screen Rotated Grid Anti Aliasing with no performance hit. If I get this unit to function I'll try to find out and report the results.

Depending on your point of view the front of the card showing the bridge chip and heatsink with ram modules peeking out.

In a twist this board has the Voodoo 3 chips cooled from the backside of the core! Shown here on the back of the board is the quartet of Voodoo 3 chips sans heatsinks as you would normally expect..

Board & Quantum3D information.

PCB revision and board date, 5299 indicates the last week of 1999. Considering that the Voodoo 3 chips had been up and running for over a year this project was very late getting to this stage for reasons I'm not privy to.

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