Quantum3D Obsidian2 (Voodoo 2 based)

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Obsidian2 X-24- Consumer grade, single slot Voodoo 2 SLI with 24 MB. X-24's do not include the extra pins for sync-lock connections or 2D daughtercard. X-24 is 10.5"long  x 4" wide x 3/4" thick.  Click here for screen shot of X-24 display properties, click here to see X-24 receipt for $626.99 dated 9-1998.

This one is equipped with rare optional cooling fan that blew air between the main board and daughtercard.  Click here to $49 invoice from Quantum3D for the item, click here  to see installation instructions.

Obsidian2 S-12 AGP-TV- Through the magic of Photoshop I can show you both sides of my S-12 AGP-TV. This card is an AGP only card that still requires a PCI 2d card! This card does have extra pin connectors near the backplate and I suspect a 2d daughter card might have been an option. The advantage of a V2 AGP card is that the chipset can take advantage of the 66 mhz AGP bus, compared to the regular PCI bus running at 33 mhz. The S-12 AGPTV is a very compact 7" long x 3" wide.  Click here for screen shot of AGP-TV display properties.

Obsidian2 S-12 PCI-TV- Quantum3D's entry into the retail Voodoo II 12MB market. Card is non-reference board design with 12 MB of ram and TV out.  Note that while the SLI connector is in the reference location the SLI cable is different and much smaller!

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Obsidian2 90-2440- Cards pictured above were pulled from an Atari arcade consoles. They have only 10 megs of ram each, no pass through or TV out capabilities and no SLI connector. It looks like a S-12 PCI 12 MB card that was stripped down for console applications. Tested fine under Win98SE with both Quantum3d and 3dfx drivers, I just used a second PC monitor attached to the card. Another oddity is that the center card has a green PCB, the first Quantum3D card I have ever seen to do so. The bottom card is just a backside image of the top card showing the missing ram chip locations.  Click here for screen shot of 90-2440 display properties.

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Obsidian2 SB200- Professional grade, single slot Voodoo 2 SLI with 24 MB. SB-200 has extra pins for sync-lock operation with other 200SB cards and 2D daughtercard. SB200 is 10.5"long  x 4" wide x 3/4" thick.

Close-up of X-24/SB200 daughtercard (Almost a complete V2 in it's own right)

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Obsidain2 200SBi- Two Voodoo 2's in SLI mode on one PCB with 125 mhz ram- One Quarter of a full Mercury Heavy Metal system! Replacement for the 200SB cards due to cooling issues caused by the "sandwich" design. To see the pinnacle of Voodoo 2 design, click this link to be taken to the dedicated Mercury page. 

The early black PCB versions of this card had 100 mhz ram not 125 mhz like the later green card shown above.

A four pack of Obsidian2 X-24 Voodoo II's

Obsidian2 X-24 Voodoo II under testing and temperature checking. A cooling fan was optional from Quantum3D that attached to the end of the card. The X-24/SB200 *was* superceded to a new long single board PCB design called SB200i for better heat dissipation.

Obsidian2 Voodoo II AGP undergoing testing.

Obsidian2 90-2440 10 MB "green pcb" card undergoing evaluation.

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