Quantum3D Prototypes

All boards on this page were from ex-Quantum3D board engineer.

A 200SBi with a single Voodoo 2 chipset instead of two.

200SB with 16 MB of ram (instead of 24 MB) with rare 2D VGA module.

AArdvark Banshee with extra video output port for arcade monitors

AArdvark512L- No real idea what it does besides attach to the VGA port of a 200SBi.

Installed on 200SBi

My theory- The first AArdvark was for an arcade application with the ability to output to arcade monitors. Following the thought that this is also called AArdvark, assume it is for an arcade application. Since it fits on a 200SBi, it might be for an arcade application that requires more graphics power then a AArdvark Banshee can provide. If you are going to use a 200SBi with an arcade monitor there will have to be a board to reconfigure the VGA output to what the arcade monitors require.


(The 512 part maybe a reference to the standard arcade monitor resolution of 512 x 384)

The reason that with did not see this item on the market is that perhaps by the time it was evaluated the V3 was ready for market, a much smaller and inexpensive package then a 200SBi with AArdvark 512 or Banshee AArdvark.

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