Soft Reality Inc. (1994-2002)


Soft Reality Inc was acquired by Quantum3D in September of 2002 after being a business partner for a number of years. SR sold software and systems to both private businesses like the Ford Motor Company and government agencies like NASA and the military. 


Soft Reality Inc. Mercury-

Two Soft Reality Mercury Image generators were obtained in the spring of 2012

Both units are equipped with black Mercury bricks, Supermicro motherboards, dual slot one P2-450's, 512 mb of ram, Diamond V550 primary adapter and 11 gig Maxtor IDE drive.

Soft Reality and Quantum3D serial numbers present on the front case.

Soft Reality information on the rear.

Quantum3D information on the rear.

Interior shot showing black Mercury brick and dual slot one cpu's. 

Soft Reality Inc. AAlchemy 8232

To be honest I can't recall when I obtained these two units, I'll try and research my archives.

Clearly from SR, note the lack of AAlchemy & Quantum3D badging.

Unit still has the SR software dongle and you can see the dual 8132 AAlchemy boards.

From here you can see the very rare dual 1.0ghz slot one processors.

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