Voodoo Rush (1997)

The Rush chipset came after Voodoo Graphics, it was 3dfx's first attempt to integrate a 2d chip on a 3d card. Unfortunately the Rush chipset was slightly slower then Voodoo Graphics and the Alliance 2D chip had lackluster performance compared to it's other 2D counterparts of the day. It certainly wasn't a bad solution, but was overhyped to the point that the bar was raised higher then it could reach. 

Hercules 128/3D 6 MB "Dual Plane" sandwich board- The very first Rush card released.

Hercules 128/3D 6 MB "single plane" board, a limited number of 8 MB units were made as well.

Hercules card box with discs and documents.

Intergraph "single plane" 6MB card with TV out, disc and documents displayed

Jazz Multimedia Adrenaline Rush 3D 6MB

Hard to find Macronix MX86251 6 MB- This card seems to have made the rounds under a number of different names including Magic Rush3D and Pro Comp G-105.

Hercules Sandwich or "dual plane" board shown being tested.

Intergraph card with TV out showing GLQuake on the big screen.

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