3dfx related items and gear

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New logo business cards 3Dfx 1997 Voodoo Golf Classic drink cooler Leather topped insulated drink cooler
3dfx backpack Canvas bag 3dfx laptop bag
New travel bag, excellent quality. New Titleist brand 3Dfx golf balls, may have been related to 1997 Voodoo Golf Classic. Pewter golf ball markers, may have been related to 1997 Voodoo Golf Classic.
Brand new Gear brand 3dfx leather jacket, sweet! Very high quality! 3Dfx 1998 Voodoo Golf Classic leather bag (large) 3dfx sport shirt
Voodoo Graphics T-shirt New 1997 Voodoo Golf Classic shirt Voodoo II T-shirt
Stone washed shirt with embossed logos 3dfx boxer shorts, what were they thinking? Voodoo 3 T-shirt
Voodoo 2 shirt with "swirl" logo Old School Logos! Rugby shirt from UK
New 3500 T-shirt Napalm launch T-shirt, new. New 3dfx "Best Hardware" shirt
3dfx Voodoo staff shirt Only known Quantum3D T-shirt! Stupid rare! Voodoo 3 shirt
STB Engineering Team shirt One of 50 Tiffany lamps given away to executives 3dfx T-shirt
Fannypack and hatpin, both old 3Dfx logo, very nice condition. May have been related to 1997 Voodoo Golf Classic. V5 lunchbox, may have been given away at trade shows, not a retail item. CD holder from 3dfxgamers.com
Nice clock! New watch, trade show swag Clock from San Jose 3dfx offices after the doors closed in 2000
3dfx hat magic Voodoo hat New 3dfx ballcap
New lanyard New style lanyard 3dfx employee ID lanyard.
Lot one of early driver & SDK discs Voodoo 3 SDK disc Lot two of early driver and SDK dics
New floppies with new 3dfx logo's, these were handed out during the logo changeover period and contain files in Adobe format 3Dfx software developer CD's version 1.0. New logo matches, unused.
Old logo mousepad, new condition. SDK CD-ROM's for Voodoo 3 Battlezone mousepad with 3dfx logo
New V3-2000 3M mousepad New "3500" 3M mousepad New "5500" 3M mousepad
Voodoo 3 promo mousepad V5 mousepad, trade show item or came in some V5 boxes. V3-3500 promo mousepad
3Dfx mousepad 3dfx mousepad Voodoo 5-5000 mousepad
New 3dfx travel mugs. 3dfx swiss army knife, new. STB can cover
New Voodoo II keychain, trade show item. New Voodoo magnet, trade show item. System drive tray keys
Brand new tray of CHUCK V2 chips! New Voodoo Graphics or Voodoo Rush TMU chips Brand new tray of BRUCE V2 chips!
Tennmax "Stealth" cooler for Voodoo 2, new. The Voodoo II was the first real video chipset I can think of the raised concerns about heat. Tennmax stepped up to the plate with their popular Stealth coolers for those who felt the Voodoo chipsets ran too hot or were just looking for an edge while overclocking. Tennmax cooler, common for Voodoo Graphics Tennmax Voodoo II cooler
Three more 3dfx related business cards New Tennmax fan & heatsink combo foir Banshee & Voodoo 3. Unused evaluation fan assembly from 3dfx engineer from VSA-100 program.
The Dodge Garage 3dfx collection collects "site of the month" in January 2006 (PC GAMES HARDWARE GERMANY) Metabyte Wicked3d Eyescream glasses. They were actually a pair of LCD shutters that would sync on and off creating a 3d effect in conjunction with a timing device that interrupted the VGA connector going to the monitor. I'm told the effect was cool but would give you a *wicked* headache after a while. 3Dfx Voodoo Magazine
Old logo keychains (NEW) Just a key fob New logo keychain
LCDfx Team Waterman pen set Velocity branded pen, cool logo. Lighted 3dfx pen set
Some 3dfx related glassware from San Jose offices after shutdown. 2 notpads with both logos and pen with new logo. New 3dfx branded Interact HammerHead force feedback gamepad.
3dfx LCD driver chips Large lot of goodies including trade show pass Voodoo II matches
3dfx stock report Voodoo 3 pen New promo antenna ball
3dfx game poster New case badges Quake II box insert
3dfx first aid kit Product Development plan A new 3dfx Yo-Yo!
Note block 3dfx document folder Show swag! 3dfx candles!
Store banner! Show buttons Trade show banner from 1999 E3 event in LA
Event badge Network cable clip WAR video game pins from contest
Actual suprise item given away as trade show swag!


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