Site update news

12/24/16 Quantum3D Arcade page has been updated, NFL Blitz machine being refurbished

3/18/12 Updates EVERYWHERE. Enjoy the new pages like Soft Reality Inc, AAlchemy FAQ and Overclocking. Lots of pictures and info added everywhere on site.

3/3/12 Updated pages- The "Asia" boards, links, FAQ, Quantum3D "other," V5-6000, V5-6000 FAQ. Daytona, arcade, AAlchemy 8164, V2 proto, V4 proto and gear!

2/21/12 Wow 4 years without an update?! I'm making up for it though, check out the new Rampage 2012 page! Look for more updates soon!

3/15/08 Work system updated.

10/13/07 Mini Mercury page added, Voodoo I page updated with new board. 

9/3/07 Thanks to those who stopped in from The Inquirer, and Winbeta- Some corrections though should be noted...

1) Gary Donovan, not Gary Donavan,

2) I have been collecting 3dfx cards since 2003-2004, though it kinda started before that since I still had the first Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo II and Voodoo 3 that I had purchased. Sometime in 2003 I started picking up the odd card here and there thinking it would be cool to have a few about... little did I know there were so many different varieties and manufactures! Hell VSA-100 chips were even used in Army Helicopters! To date there is something in excess of 300+ 3dfx boards here at the Dodgegarage I bet.

3) It was noted a few items were the latest additions which isn't really true, just mentioned on the HardOCP forum... scroll down the updates below to see what is new onsite and thanks for visiting! Much more coming soon including another Mercury system and something AAlchemy 8164 based!

9/3/07 Mercury FAQ page updated with VGA connector diagram & fabricated VGA output pics, fixed broken link in Heavy Metal #15 (which I have new pictures for when I get the spare time showing 200SB installed along with some other updates,) Voodoo 2 page updated.

1/1/07 Updated gear and box pages with new stuff. Happy New Year!!

12/19/06 Work system, AAlchemy and Iron systems pages updated!

9/24/06 Primary Image page updated, added "Youtube" video page related to 3dfx.

9/5/06 Primary Image page updated, Piranha board obtained.

8/10/06  New items added to gear, Voodoo 3 and box pages. 

7/23/06 Updated Mercury system page with 3 new photos, Graphite page with second system and gear page.

7/18/06 Primary Image page updated with another photo, updated information and 4 PDF files.

7/9/06 Updated Prototype Voodoo 3, Voodoo 5 and V5-6000 pages, Gear page, Boxes page & added Primary Image page (not completed yet, more info to come!). 

Also updated the following: Quantum3D work system (system upgrades), Banshee prototype page (mention of new 16MB board) Voodoo II prototype page (Update on 6MB board testing and screenshots) Banshee page (removed prototype board) 

3/18/06 Added 5 items to trades/sales page and fixed minor errors on a number of pages.

12/24/05 Added Iron page and Iron & AAlchemy logos on main page.

12/20/05 Asia market page updated, 4 boxed items added to boxes.

12/19/05  New "Asia market" page, Asia boards pulled from V3 & V4 pages for this one, added blank PCB to V3 proto page.

12/18/05 V4 prototype page updated as was the Obsidian & prototype Voodoo Graphics pages.  Added work system page, renamed v6k system page from Q3D VK6.

12/17/05 Quantum3D AAlchemy 4116 page added.

12/16/05 The V5-6000 page updated (obtained 4 more V6k) The Daytona page updated, The Gear page updated.

12/11/05 Links updated, V5-6000 FAQ's updated (motherboard table)

12/02/05 AAlchemy page updated.

9/27/05 Updated boxes and Quicksilver II page.

9/26/05 Arcade hardware (4 systems added) & timeline updated, also some other minor changes.

9/23/05 AAlchemy page updated (system now assembled and running)

9/16/05 Updated V6K FAQ and production V5 page.

9/12/05 Gear page updated, boxes page updated.

9/12/05 Pro_V5 page updated (date correction for 5000 PCI) Dutch version of V6K FAQ added.

9/8/05  Updated prototype Voodoo 4, 5 and V6K pages, added full size open box picture of V2-1000 on boxes page.

8/25/05 Rampage FAQ updated, German version of V6K FAQ updated.

8/22/05 Uploaded German version of V5-6000 benchmark page.

8/17/05 Updated V6K FAQ, Uploaded new V6K benchmark page (still being polished) moved Q3D-V6K page link down to other V6K links.

8/14/05 German version of V6K FAQ is up!

8/14/05 Updated pages- Q3D-V6K, Rampage, Boxes, Trades, Trivia and AAlchemy.

8/8/05 Q3D V6K page updated- Correct backplates obtained!

8/8/05 Rampage page updated with new pictures and text, high resolution flatbed scans now available.

8/5/05 Added Rampage page (yes I now own a working Rampage board) and updated V6K FAQ (information from interview)

8/4/05  Quantum3D V5-6000, V6K FAQ, sale/trades, Heavy Metal #15 &  Quicksilver II pages are updated.














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