Voodoo Scalable Architecture (2000)

V4-4500 32 MB AGP- Note "missing" ram chips in four locations. 3dfx had plans on the table for a 64 MB version that was never produced. Prototype 4500 boards have been spotted with DVI and S-video out connectors.

V4-4500 32 MB PCI- PCI version of above AGP card, note PCB is same as Mac card and missing DVI connector.

V4-4500 PCI 32 MB MAC- DVI configured board sold for use in Macintosh computers.

V5-5500 64 MB AGP- with twin VSA-100 GPU's clocked at 166 mhz, most common of the V5 cards.

V5-5500 64 MB PCI- PCI version of above 5500 AGP card.

V5-5500 64 MB MAC- An insider from 3dfx states that there is a resistor that prevents the Mac bios from being used on the PC version. 3dfx didn't want Mac owners purchasing the cheaper PC part (Mac version has DVI port) and flashing the card. Profit margins might have been a bit higher on the Mac part considering that the 5500 was the most powerful video accelerator you could buy for a Mac at the time.

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