Thomas "GUS" Mahon
The meanest man to ever hotrod a Caravan!


 Gus getting ready to show the youngsters down at Cecil County how to race!

 The MeanMini
Just a low, LOW 13 second grocery getter.

Gus and the Caravan made it into a Mopar magazine just as I was doing my own 'research' into Turbo hotrodding. A quick call or two ended up with me making a trip to upstate Connecticut and Gus and I have been friends ever since.

Mean Mini speed breakdown

 Stock  High 16' ET  High 70's mph
 K&N, 2.5" exhaust pipe, 12 psi bleed.  16.18 ET  84.11 mph
 15 psi boost.  15.76 ET  85.86 mph
 15.5 psi boost & hi-low boost switch.  15.55 ET  85.93 mph
 Spearco intercooler, 15 psi boost.  15.11 ET  89.45 mph
 Hollow cat, extra injector, 14 psi boost.  14.85 ET  91.40 mph
 16.5 psi boost.   14.65 ET  92.44 mph
 Front end lowered & stiffened.  14.57 ET  92.16 mph
 100 lbs removed, 18.5 psi boost.   14.17 ET  96.03 mph
 Open exhaust.  13.949 ET  96.16 mph
 3" plain exhaust, new Hoosiers, 6th injector, undialed, 18 psi boost.  14.12 ET  95.67 mph
 Little mitsu (stock turbo) replaced with Super 60, 22 psi boost.  13.76 ET  97.67 mph
 Posi  13.56 ET  99.80 mph
 20% over injectors  13.56 ET  100.34 mph
 Ultraflow muffler instead of no muffler, balance shafts removed.  13.48 ET  101.36 mph
 New tranny fluid, excellent weather  13.18 ET  102.57 mph

He is one twisted guy; I think he just sits around all day thinking of new ways to wring more efficiency out his cars!

But wait! Gus owns an Acclaim too! 

 Gus and the Acclaim in staging at Cecil County as Steve Adley looks on.
On the right, getting ready for the long trip home.

Acclaim speed breakdown

 Stock,  2,990 lbs, 7 psi boost.  16.99  78.74 
 180 thermostat, bleed to 12 psi.  15.99  84.72
 Balance shafts out,  2.5" exhaust, 15 psi, 2,960 lbs.  14.92  91.35
 Underdrive pulley, A/C out, K&N, Hoosiers, alcohol injection, 2,910 lbs.  14.58  92.79
 Intercooler added. 5th injector, 15 psi.  14.33  94.88
 Open airbox, fan permanantly "on" at track, 17 psi.  13.86  97.84
 Swapped motors with van; same motor, but with Super 60 turbo instead of little Mitsu. turbo, "Mild" head, 40# injectors, 160 thermostat.  13.51  100.91
 Suspension mods, exhaust dump, 26.5 psi, spun like crazy.  13.44  104.42
 6th injector, M&H slicks.  12.92  104.65
 New fuel pressure regulation.  12.87  106.78
 Posi, shimmed sway bar, heat vent in back of hood, 25.5 psi, 2,770 lbs.  12.67  107.23
 Intercooler scoop & air dam, 25 psi.  12.63  108.68
 Moroso Front Runners on stock rims, air shock in back, manual steering.  12.51  111.99
 Ruptured BOV removed, light wheels, out of tune, 27.5 psi, 2,665 lbs.  12.25  109.8
 Changed transfer gears in transmission- 2.65 final drive ratio now.  12.27   110.4

Yep, you see them clocks correctly, 12 seconds! Gus ran a best of 12.25 on
10/17/98 at Cecil County. Gus is looking to run 12.0's with the car and 2001 is the year its going to happen!

Real Audio clips of Gus racing can be found at the video archive page

Gus has an excellent webpage chock loaded with information about his cars and tech info. Head over to the links page to get the current address!

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