N/A EFI Computer related

The TBI computers have much in common with their turbo counterparts- Turbo computers are all based on N/A code! If you open any TBI computer and look it over you will see it's virtually a Turbo computer with a few parts missing. 

There is a *extensive* page here on how the Chrysler speed density computers work and some of their quirks.

The are no replacement computers that I'm aware for increasing hp on the TBI cars. The only "tip" I can think of regarding these computer is if you have a car that's a little lean you can plug in a extra coolant sensor and let it dangle in the engine bay. The computer will think that the engine is cold and add more fuel. 


The computer controls the cooling fan based off of the coolant sensor! With the coolant sensor bypassed in this manner the car will overheat because the sensor is give the computer a low, false reading. 

I strongly recommend a fan override switch if you play around with this.

Oxygen sensor warning from Chuck Jones:

I tuned my non-feedback carb 2.2 using a multi-meter at the O2 sensor.  I set the car up to run .88v with a Bosch O2 sensor and gas mileage/performance still suffered.  When the Bosch sensor fouled out, I changed to a Mopar O2 sensor and jetted to once again obtain .88v.  What a difference!  The car would pull 35mpg on the highway and felt much more responsive......

I have heard this from other people, seems to be a common theme with the Bosch sensors. I have had no problem with the Mopar or the Blue Streak/Standard units.  

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