Injector Flow and Application charts

Part Number                                  Application                           Static Flow 
 4418474/5   Stock Turbo I  27 lbs/hr at 55psi
 P4452803  Mopar Performance  27 lbs/hr at 55psi
 4418258  Stock Turbo II (89 vintage)  33 lbs/hr at 55psi
 P4452804  Mopar Performance  33 lbs/hr at 55psi
 4418213  2.5L/Turbo II supersedes to "895"  33 lb/hr at 55psi
 5277895  2.5L/Turbo II (current stock replacement)  33 lb/hr at 55psi
 P4529495  Mopar Performance +20%   42 lbs/hr at 55psi
 P5249452  Mopar Performance Super 60 +40%  52 lbs/hr at 55psi

 Much thanks to Garry W. McKissick, Jr. for this information.


   Injector Application chart

As far as I know all 2.2/2.5 Turbo injectors from Chrysler are low impedance, 2.4 ohms.

Stamping                                               Application                                            Manufacturer
 4275312  84 Turbo I, good part number.  Bosch
 4306024  85-86 Turbo I, supersedes to 4418255, then to 4418474  Bosch
 4418475  88 CSX-T, Turbo I   Deka 
 4418474  MP: 4452803 (4 pack) current 2.2 Turbo I   Deka
 4306018  87 Shelby Z Turbo II; supersedes to 4418258, then to 5277895  Bosch
 4418335  Unknown on 89-93 fuel rail, not a good part number  Bosch
 4418258  89 Turbo II / 89 2.5 Turbo I,  supersedes to 5277895  Bosch
 4418213  91 16V / 89 Turbo II, supersedes to 5277895  Deka
 4504322   Unknown-Turbo II?,  supersedes to 5277895  Unknown
 5277895  MP: P4452804 (4 pack) current 2.5 TI/TII/TIII/TIV injector  Deka
 P4532170   MP: P4529495 (4 pack) +20%  Deka
 P4529176  MP: P4529495 (4 pack) +20%  Siemens
 P4532586  MP: P5249452 (4 pack) +40% Super 60  Deka
Personally I wasted the $160 to purchase the 4-pack of Mopar Performance injectors. (P4452804)
My fuel mixture did not improve one iota. If you own Turbo II injectors already do not waste your money.

As you can see by the chart, they are nothing more than stock replacement injectors!

  At one time Mopar Performance sold the higher flowing injectors (803 & 804), that were nothing more then the injectors that failed Chrysler quality control because they flowed to much. As the stocks of these injectors were depleated they were replaced with stock flowing injectors.

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