The 10 second 1985 Plymouth Reliant known as Relentless

It's a 10 second K-car. I'm not kidding! I even have videos to prove it!

Best pass to date- A smoking 10.41 at 132 mph.
(No Nitrous!)

Warming up the tires at Cecil County Dragway (11/10/01.)

Embedded videos.



Arrived at NED promptly at 7:45, was first car teched, prepped the car and then proceeded to wait nearly 7 hours to make a pass!! The skies were so foggy and overcast they couldn't see the end of the track from the tower! I didn't mind to much as long as I got a chance to make one or two passes.. I had my friends from SDAC-NE to hang out with and watching the antics of *some* of the import "racers" was rather amusing at times. The tower announcer seemed to really dig the dodge turbo cars that was racing today and the large crowd would cheer every time one of us would make a pass (we were running faster then 98% of the cars there) So I finally get a chance to make a pass- I fire up the 'logger and pull into the burnout box and clean the slicks off good, stage and launch the car. Felt like a good pass (I have a new launch technique) but I wasn't expecting any records considering how damp and slippery the track was (even the RWD guys were crying the blues). I was very suprised when I was flagged down by a track official before I even got to the timing shack and informed I would have to get the car REINSPECTED at tech because the car went "REALLY FAST"! 

The timeslip:

ET                10.60
MPH             130.7
Short Time   1.76

I'll be damned, the new technique works! The car re-passed tech with nothing more then minor quibbles and I headed back to the pits to do a quick inspection and top off the fuel. By now a LARGE crowd had gathered around the Dodge area of the pits checking our cars out- People were utterly amazed how fast our little Dodges were and even more amazed to find out none of us were running the bottle! After another 2 hour wait I headed to staging a gain...



The video that ate the internet! I get more chuckles from this video. Here is the story from 2001..

So there I am sitting at the top of New England Dragways staging lanes minding my own business and the staging director starts waving at me. What the hell does this guy want? It seems there is an import racer who wants to specifically race me and they are pulling him out of lanes to pair us off! As the car pulls along side I see it's a $40,000 RWD Toyota Supra! Two seasons ago I got pistol whipped by a 10 second Supra at Atco when I was running high 11's and now history was repeating itself.. except this time the Supra owner was in for a rude surprise.

We did our burnouts. We stage. We launch. I cut a .705 light. (there was no way I was going to ruin the fun with a red light) Mr. Supra cuts a perfect .500 It doesn't do him a damn bit a good.

Relentless explodes out of the hole with a 1.70 ST as the Supra lights up his slicks with a 2.27 ST. At the 330 foot mark I have a 1.36 second lead and the Supra owner is getting a good view of the trunklid as by the 1/8 mile mark Relentless stretches it's lead to 1.57 difference between our two cars (6.82 @ 106.8 vs 8.39 @ 104.7) at the 1000 foot mark Relentless is STILL stretching it's lead out (1.64 difference) an only as the quarter mile mark flashes does the Supra owner have anything to brag about as the Reliant pounds through the traps at 10.53 @ 130 mph vs the Supra's 12.1 @135 mph. The crowd goes NUTS! 


Another view of the same pass at New England Dragway.


Racing down at Cecil County. 


Also taken at Cecil County.


The engine let go on the dyno from the oil pump gear getting knife edged causing the timing to jump around.

Here is a copy of the dyno sheet; we had started out low in the boost adjusting spark and fuel since I was now running a new de-stroked engine package. On the final pull the car was make more power than it had with the 2.5 engine and there was still running 5 pounds less boost than the old! The spark jumping around was too much for the lower end and caused a rod bolt to fail. 

Crank trigger ignition next time, I'm done with this distributor stuff.

2015 pictures

How the car currently sits- The window is missing as I was going to have one made out of Lexan. The plastic is there to keep out any rain as it was sitting under a car cover out back of the house. Now its safe inside the new garage waiting its turn in the queue which should be happening in 2015-2016.

Underhood is a bone stock 2.5 Turbo so the car can be moved around.

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