Downloads page- Drivers and manuals

3dfx drivers

3dfx Daytona/Nalpalm Win9x drivers

Rampage Win9x drivers


Quantum3D drivers

AAlchemy AA5 Windows 2000 drivers

Mercury NT4/Windows 2000 drivers

Mercury "game pack" opengl32 file

Unofficial fix to run AAlchemy under XP and have the properties tab show up.


Motherboard drivers

Intel L440GX+ Video/LAN/SCSI Windows NT4 drivers

Intel sound drivers for SE440BX2 motherboard

Intel NX440LX driver packet


Other video drivers

Last Diamond Viper V550 TNT drivers for Mercury & Iron systems



Mercury users manual

Heavy Metal Family spec sheet

AAlchemy GX/SX/TX users manual

AAlchemy SX spec sheet

AAlchemy End of Service notice from Quantum3D


Intel L440GX+ document packet (Mercury systems)

Supermicro motherboard manual (Iron & Mercury systems)

Graphite (440ZX) users manual

Intel NX440LX tech specs (Quicksilver)

Intel SE440BX2 motherboard tech specs (Quicksilver II)


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