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 Decided on a what's new page to help out people who visit my site time to time, make it easier to keep track of updates and such.  Be warned though I'll be pulling out the soapbox from time to time.  Bizarre stuff indeed.



"I sang in my chains like the sea"

Welcome to the Dodge Garage news.

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Hey there! Yes I have been a busy guy and I'll start ticking stuff off point by point below.

Work wise... I've gone crazy and working back in healthcare. A friend of mine needed a hand getting his fathers nursing facility back up to snuff and I agreed to come on board and do what I do. Aside from being crazy busy there I have been working on the house, kids cars and trying to de-clutter the garage so I can get working on my own projects.

There is a new truck! Which means..

There is an old truck leaving!

The '98 Ram has been a good girl but was starting to nickel and dime me to death time wise and decided it was time to go with 178k on the clock. I traded in my 2012 Challenger for a 2014 Ram Express and sold 1500 and actually came out ahead. The Express is a modern version of my old Sport but has a 390 HP Hemi with an 8 speed trans. The Challenger was just sitting the majority of the time, I was driving it 3 times a month tops. So I have one less vehicle to insure and pay taxes on and hopefully not work on for some time.

My son wrecked his '87 TBI Shadow. He is fine the car is toast.

I'm very much aware that Dodge is using the domain name dodgegarage.com and it was suggested that I sue for infringement. I'm thinking it is a waste of time and money unless they are going to start posting hot rod tips for 2.2/2.5 engines. FCA has been making some fine vehicles of late and have not problem sharing a similar domain name with them, surprised they have not set one up sooner!


Dan Malloy? Still a retard.

Very Stable Genius Trump? Still kicking ass.

Who is QAnon? Best look into that. 

Where We Go 1, We Go All!

Yes I'm a true believer after looking into Q, he or they are on the side of the angels and bringing the pain to the cabal.


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