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 Decided on a what's new page to help out people who visit my site time to time, make it easier to keep track of updates and such.  Be warned though I'll be pulling out the soapbox from time to time.  Bizarre stuff indeed.



"I sang in my chains like the sea"

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A friend sent me a text the other night with "national popcorn day? Is that the best you can come up with?" which drew a hearty belly laugh. There is some hidden context to that comment but I'll leave that for another day.

I have plenty to come up with but the question is always where do you start? It is something I have been thinking about for some time and as always will take my time rolling it about in my head to try and get a handle on it.

If you asked me to sum up where I'm at the simplest description would be I'm contemplating the next stage of my life and where I'm going next.

Looking back my life has been somewhat defined in stages; you have your youth, teen years, 20's etc. I struggled in school due to ADHD but found my footing finally, worked in the auto industry for years, raced cars and chased women, ran a business or two, had several interesting hobbies, married a good woman, have a good job helping a friend, have kids who are all over 18 now and going their own way.. so now what?

What started me on this train of thought was I was working on the GTX again. I was going to pull the engine out, reseal it, new oil pan, new larger headers, 8" converter for the trans and then head to the track again, pop off a mid to high 10, get thrown out, go back home, pull the automatic out and put the 4 speed back in along with the power steering and just enjoy the car on the street.

And then it struck me; why not skip the track part and just put the 4-speed and power steering back in and call it a day? I really don't like going to the track that much with a street car and don't need a timeslip to prove anything to anyone at this point in my life. So a change in direction was called for; I pulled the motor out and got all that done, dropped the k-frame and pressure washed it so I can paint it proper and I'm going to repaint the engine bay while I'm at it.

(Used a paint gun, no more rattle cans for me.)


Well I got as far as getting the engine done and the k-frame clean and that is about it. My heart just really isn't into it so I'm waiting for my mood to change and get going again. Part of the problem is the thing I really liked doing in my youth was street racing and that just doesn't exist around here no more. No one got hurt and everyone had a great time and the track is just a poor substitute. A necessary one I'll grant you these days, too many yahoos in expensive cars with poor driving skills and too many cops who think they are a mobile swat team if you break the law. Just not worth the hassle. Hell IN MY DAY (Insert eye roll here) for what it was worth the cops were pretty cool in retrospect. We went about our business and they didn't hassle us unless someone was doing something grievously stupid.

How times have changed.

So in the meantime I'm busy de-cluttering the house and the garage. Too much stuff built up in the corners and nooks.. too much to keep track of. Been moving a bunch of turbo dodge stuff in lots on the local Craigslist, giving away other items at the town recycle area, excess computer hardware has been donated for the cost of shipping on the HardForum. Still has a bunch of 3Dfx and Quantum3D hardware and I have been moving the odd piece here and there to friends when it suits me.

Currently been picking at consolidating computer backups, what a project! I have well over 8 Terabytes of data to sift through. Luckily there is a few good programs that do file comparison and deletion but you still have to eyeball a lot of files before hitting the delete button. The good part is now I have most of my photos, videos, documents and other files in one organized location so I don't have to go through a dozen hard drives looking for something. I even have most of my e-mail going back 18 years! When done I think I'll be down to 5-6T total.

(Old automotive data program, but then again I work on old cars too)

Hardest part has been setting up one computer to run some of the old software needed to access some old programs for both automotive and e-mail data. I was taking one of my old computers and installing a hard drive dock so I could swap operating systems on solid state drives (with the corresponding programs on them) but the motherboard started getting fussy and now I'm back to square one. 

(Behold! Win95 on a 2.8 GHZ machine!)

You know how hard it is to get Windows 95 to run on a P4? Yikes, harder than you would think! Windows 95 was designed to run on as little as a 386! With 2.8 ghz it hauls ass but man was there issues getting it to run, driver compatibility and CD-Rom functioning. Once I'm done, I'll be able to get rid of 3 or 4 machines I have been keeping around for the archives. I finally get it to work and then the P4 motherboard starts acting up.

Damn Murphy.

Also contemplating redoing the website, streamlining it a bit to make it easier to navigate and editing some pages. Time has made some of the advice obsolete to some degree. I can show you how to install a 5th injector on a car but the reality is there are no more junkyards that have cars you can strip them off! This is just one example of parts being no longer available (or cheap) so a page by page review is called for. Look for it in the near future.

After I get the GTX up and going again where do I go from here? I have two projects left, the Dart and Reliant.

The Dart has changed direction once or twice as to what I was going to do with it. I think the current thought of starting to reassemble till it is short a motor and transmission is a good one. At that point I can either stuff a big block in it with the automatic from the GTX and make it a dedicated drag car or install a 5.2 Magnum with a supercharger and fuel injection and a 4 speed and have fun with it on the street. I'm leaning towards the small block and street use as I'd get more seat time and be less of a garage queen. I don't even think I'm going to bother wet sanding and buffing the paint. I'll get all focused on making it look mint and then not drive the damn thing because I'll worry about some idiot scratching it.

The Reliant would be a pure drag car with an 8V, on that I'm solid. Even if I don't go as far as I planned it would still be nice to get the tube chassis done, install a stout 2.2 and go racing. The Reliant is one vehicle I don't mind taking to the track, with the power levels it operates at street driving is useless.

So there you go. Trust the plan. After that? I have no idea.



Did you know today is national popcorn day? 

Cleared a bunch of stuff off the "for sale" page, been doing some house cleaning. 



Hey there! Yes I have been a busy guy and I'll start ticking stuff off point by point below.

Work wise... I've gone crazy and working back in healthcare. A friend of mine needed a hand getting his fathers nursing facility back up to snuff and I agreed to come on board and do what I do. Aside from being crazy busy there I have been working on the house, kids cars and trying to de-clutter the garage so I can get working on my own projects.

There is a new truck! Which means..

There is an old truck leaving!

The '98 Ram has been a good girl but was starting to nickel and dime me to death time wise and decided it was time to go with 178k on the clock. I traded in my 2012 Challenger for a 2014 Ram Express and sold 1500 and actually came out ahead. The Express is a modern version of my old Sport but has a 390 HP Hemi with an 8 speed trans. The Challenger was just sitting the majority of the time, I was driving it 3 times a month tops. So I have one less vehicle to insure and pay taxes on and hopefully not work on for some time.

My son wrecked his '87 TBI Shadow. He is fine the car is toast.

I'm very much aware that Dodge is using the domain name dodgegarage.com and it was suggested that I sue for infringement. I'm thinking it is a waste of time and money unless they are going to start posting hot rod tips for 2.2/2.5 engines. FCA has been making some fine vehicles of late and have not problem sharing a similar domain name with them, surprised they have not set one up sooner!


Dan Malloy? Still a retard.

Very Stable Genius Trump? Still kicking ass.

Who is QAnon? Best look into that. 

Where We Go 1, We Go All!

Yes I'm a true believer after looking into Q, he or they are on the side of the angels and bringing the pain to the cabal.


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